Apple Configurator 1.4

Hot on the heels of iOS7, Apple have released Apple Configurator 1.4.

An important change is that the OS requirement has changed from 10.7 Lion to 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Configurator 1.4 supports the new iOS 7 restrictions and features including being able to specify AirPlay destinations and passwords, connecting supervised devices to any Mac, and configuring AirPrint printers.

These changes should take away the headaches many schools have around configuring Bonjour to allow Airplay and Airprint, and the inability to sync Supervised iPads to computers in classrooms. The gotcha is that the devices have to be unsupervised and supervised again.

Other improvements include being able to enrol multiple unsupervised devices into an MDM without touching the iPad and completing the setup and enrolment of Apple TVs into an MDM.

All up, this update looks like a pretty useful set of tools.


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