Android upgrades

So apparently Android version 4.3 will support multiple users on a device. This sounds fantastic.

Recently I got my hands on what I thought was a reasonably priced modestly featured Samsung Galaxy Express phone. It has 4G which could should be a fairly safe future proofing feature.

But, and this is important, will I be able to run 4.3 on it, natively, without jail breaking or otherwise hacking it.

Currently it’s running 4.1.2

I haven’t managed to find any simple method to upgrade to 4.2, which makes me wonder if 4.3 will be possible

What I have read seems to indicate that it’s up to the hardware manufacturers to decide which devices will receive the new Android versions.


What would we have thought if we needed to wait for Dell to decide if a Service Pack would be supported on their PCs?

Yet we put up with this from Android device manufacturers, all the while showing our concern for the environment and the throwaway nature of society.

Surely we should, in education especially, be looking to hardware platforms which have a long future life with an operating system which can be upgraded when the user wants to.


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