Adding extra Apps to supervised iPads

So far I’ve talked about the process of getting a set of iPads up and running with configuration profiles and Apps, both paid using VPP and free.

What happens when you need to an a new App to your iPads?

If you need to add new Apps to your iPads, the process is very similar to getting your first apps installed.

  1. If it’s a paid app you want, purchase your VPP codes
  2. Open iTunes and go to the iTunes store
  3. Obtain the App, redeeming of your VPP codes if you need to
  4. Exit iTunes and open Apple Configurator
  5. Add your app
  6. Optionally, import your VPP codes if the app is a paid app

Now to get the App onto your iPads.

It would be logical if you could launch Configurator, select the new app which you want to install on the iPads and then click the Apply button. Alas, it’s not this simple. You need to make sure that all of the Apps you want on the iPads are ticked. If you’re using Apple Configurator to manage multiple sets of iPads this can become a tricky exercise to remember which Apps are installed into which set. I guess this is why Apple in education seem to encourage the model of a cart in a classroom with a Mac of some type devoted to that class set of iPads.

Of course, if you’re wanting to add this new app into a folder  you’ll need to;

  1. Tick all the apps you want on the iPad (including the new one)
  2. Apply this change to one of the iPads form your set
  3. Drag the App into a folder on the iPad
  4. Backup the iPad
  5. Plugin all of the iPads to sync to
  6. Choose this new backup to restore from
  7. Tick all of the apps to deploy to this iPad
  8. Click Apply to deploy this app onto all of your iPads.

There’s a logical workflow to follow here, but it’s pretty labour intensive. Not an exercise to be repeated often!



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