Flubaroo – automatically marking students’ work

At the NZ MoodleMoot in Hamilton I was able to attend Noeline Wright’s session “Collaborating using Google Docs via Moodle” in which she referenced a tool which was new to me, Doctopus.

This reminded me of the richness of the various add-ins, apps and scripts the Google Apps environment has available, and in particular Flubaroo.

The process of using Flubaroo is a four step process;

  1. Create a Google Forms document (Don’t forget to include questions for Name and Email address)
  2. Complete the Form yourself to produce an Answer Key
  3. Give students a link to the Form so they can complete it
  4. Run the Flubaroo script to mark the student’s answers and provide them with feedback if needed

Flubaroo have great resources on their website to help teachers with implementing this script. With teachers facing increasing pressures on their time resources like this are a fantastic way for teachers to save time on marking and provide students with individualised feedback. Looking over the whole of a class’s results, Flubaroo lets teachers see the areas where a number of students may have a misunderstanding of the topic.


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