VPP for iPad Deployment

Apple’s Volume Purchase Program lets institutions purchase Apps in bulk, normally at around 50% of the regular price, starting at a minimum quantity of 20 copies per purchase.

Here’s the first catch. Think ahead on your numbers. Purchases of less than 20 copies don’t qualify for discounts, but at a discount of 50% it sometimes make sense to purchase some extra copies of apps.

There are plenty of guides written on setting up VPP, but the concepts are two create two new email addresses, and only use these for VPP. You’ll need a Program Manager account, and a Program Faciliator account.

I recommend using addresses like vpp.program.manager@your.school.nz and vpp.program.facilitator@your.school.nz.

When you’ve got your spreadsheet of VPP codes, click the link for the first code in the spreadsheet. This will launch iTunes and take you through steps to redeem the code to purchase a copy of the App.

At this point you might be thinking that you’ve wasted a license. You haven’t. Through some trickery when you deploy these VPP codes through Apple Configurator this code will still be available to be used on the iPads you’re setting up.

If you’ve setup your VPP accounts, but can’t find the URL for purchasing Apps through VPP, the Volume Purchase Program for Education site is at https://volume.itunes.apple.com/nz/store


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