Using Apple Configurator to select Apps for deployment

When I first came to use Apple Configurator, I expected it to recognize the Apps on my iPad and copy them to my Mac. That’s what iTunes did, so I expected the same, especially after I had done a backup using Configurator.

After reading Apple’s documentation on this, I learnt that this isn’t the way it works, you have to manually add the .ipa files for the Apps to Configurator from the local hard drive of the computer you’re running Configurator on. If you haven’t used iTunes to download the Apps you want to deploy, read these posts to find out how;

Here’s a screenshot of the opening screen of Apple Configurator;

Apple Configurator Initial Screen

Click the Apps link near the top of this window to see this screen;

Apple Configurator Apps screenDown the lower left of this window is a small + button. The shaded text gives you a hint too that to add Apps to this list you need to click the + button. Go ahead and do it, you should see this;

Apple Configurator Add Apps 1

Like most people you probably won’t know where to find the .ipa files for the Apps on your computer. Type ios app into the search box at the top right of this window and you should see all of the iOS apps which you’ve downloaded using iTunes.

Apple Configurator ios app

Select the Apps which you want to add (hold down Shift and select multiple apps if you like), and then click Open.

You’ll see the Apps which you have selected populate the list of Apps in Configurator. If you’ve imported a paid App you’ll see a reminder like this;

Paid App Reminder

This makes the Apps available in Apple Configurator to be deployed  onto iPads. If you’re planning on making a number of different configurations you’ll only need to add an App to Configurator once.


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