Pushing Apps and Profiles to a device

Now that you’ve got your Apps and any Profiles that you want into Configurator, it’s time to push these to your first device.

It’s important to know that to push Paid Apps you have to have Supervision set to On.

When you deploy paid Apps, Apple Configurator keeps a record of the VPP codes which you have redeemed onto devices. If you unsupervise the iPads later, the VPP codes become available for re-use, but only from the Mac running Configurator where you first redeemed them.

Go back to the Prepare screen of Apple Configurator, and set Supervision to On.

Supervision turned on

You’ll notice that the setting for iOS is changed automatically to Latest and Erase before installing is checked. This is to ensure that the same and latest version of the iOS is installed to the devices.

Select any of the profiles you want to have installed, then go to the Apps screen and select the Apps which you want installed. We’re still in Prepare mode here as we’re getting ready for installing anything to our first iPad.

When you’re ready, go ahead and click Prepare at the bottom of the window.

Configurator will warn you that any USB devices which you have connected will be wiped and these settings applied, including any devices which you connect during the Prepare phase.

Configurator warning

Click Apply, and then when you see the window below, connect your first iPad.

PrepareI think its a good idea to have no USB devices connected to your Mac until you get to this screen. Clicking the Apply button (or not having it appear if someone else has ticked the Do not ask me again option) could lead to disaster if your own iPhone or iPad was connected to the Mac.

If you find that a device you connect doesn’t appear in the right-hand side window, wipe it by going to General->Reset->Erase All Content and Settings.

When Configurator has finished deploying Apps and settings you should see your device in the right-hand pane with a greeen dot indicating that the sync has finished.

Remembering that Apple see iPads as personal devices, it makes sense that the iPad still needs the initial setup steps completed before it can be used. After these steps have been completed, the iPad will be ready to use with its Apps installed.


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