Organising Apps into Folders

Organising Apps into folders and keeping them that way for pods of iPads is one of the more time-consuming affairs we found on our iPads, particularly in the Junior levels of the schools.

There are some groups of teachers and students who will find an App no matter where it is. These are the Searchers who flick to the Spotlight screen, enter the name of the App and launch it from there. Other users however, the Browsers, are used to looking through the iPad and finding an App that way.

To organise Apps into folders on an iPad can be done using the method of holding a finger on an App until the familiar wobble appears, and then dragging the App onto another to combine them into a folder. When this dragging and dropping has to be done across multiple screens this can become tiresome.

iTunes comes to the rescue here, providing you run it on the same computer as you used for Configurator earlier.

Launch iTunes, and click the Library link at the top right of the screen. Where you’re aiming to get to is this screen (iTunes 11);

iTunes 11If this is the first time you have used iTunes since you syncd this iPad, you may have to go through the initial Setup your iPad screens. If you do, select the options to setup as a New iPad.

At the top right of this window there is an icon for an iPad. Clicking this will show us this screen;

Apps on iPad in iTunesThis screen lets us drag Apps and folders around as we would do on the iPad, but with the advantage that dragging between screens is easier.

When you’ve finished with rearranging your Apps, click Apply




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