Downloading Apps for iPad Deployment

If you’re looking to use Apple Configurator to deploy Apps onto iPads, whether in Supervised mode or not, you’ll need to get the .ipa file for the App onto the computer you’re using for Apple Configurator.

If you’re starting from scratch, I recommend using not using a personal AppleID for your deployment. Create a new email address and use this for downloading Apps.

Once you’ve got an email address, pause and take a breath. It’s tempting to jump online and go to Apple’s website and create your Apple ID. I find that creating Apple IDs online is easier than an on iOS device.

Beware though, if you create an AppleID online via Apple’s website, when you come to use it to download your first App, even a free App, you’ll be asked for billing information. Without a credit card, you can’t get any further.

Apple do allow you to setup and AppleID which doesn’t need a credit card, and they document it at The key is to create the Apple ID either in iTunes on a computer or the AppStore on a Mac or iOS device.

So, the steps to create your Apple ID go like this;

  1. Create a new email address (optional, but recommended)
  2. Open iTunes on the Mac you will use to run Apple Configurator
  3. Go to the AppStore and find a free App
  4. Install it, and when you’re asked, choose the option to Create a New Apple ID
  5. Complete the registration steps for this new Apple ID
  6. Go back to iTunes, and try to download the same App as you chose earlier, but this time sign in with the Apple ID you’ve just created.

Now you’ve got this done, go ahead in iTunes and download the rest of the free Apps you want to install on the iPads.

Next step (2a), we’ll be dealing with VPP.


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