Backing up your master iPad and syncing the rest

So far we’ve obtained Apps for your iPads, configured settings, deployed Apps to a Master iPad and re-arranged the Apps into a logical way for use by students.

The next step is to take a backup of this iPad and sync it to the rest of the fleet.

To make a backup of the Supervised iPad, go to the Prepare screen, and from the Restore menu in the middle of the screen, choose Back up. You’ll be asked to name the backup. Give it a name like ‘iPad Master with Apps in Folders’

Name iPad Backup

Configurator will now take a backup of your master iPad. When Configurator has finished your backup, unplug the master iPad.

Syncing the rest of the fleet

Now that you have a backup (with Apps in folders), you can setup the rest of the fleet.

We need to go back to the Prepare screen to do this;

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 9.11.47 PM

Here I’ve changed three settings;

  • The name of the iPads. This can be the start of the name if we also change;
  • Number sequentially starting at 1.
  • Restore: Here we choose the backup which we’ve just created.

When you’ve entered theses settings, click the Prepare button at the bottom of the screen, then Apply, and then start connecting the iPads you want to configure.

Apple Configurator will keep setting up the iPads which you connect to the Mac. As the iPads complete their setup they will reboot to show the wallpaper and the Home screen. As they are a restore from an iPad which has had the setup steps completed you won’t need to complete the setup steps on these restored iPads.


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